August 5, 2012

Our three year long summer is ending...

This  summer, I am truly living. Breathing in the beauty of every single day.
We took a very important trip, this summer. We have moved back to the States.

Through the chaos of our important trip I learned to find calm in my heart, surf my own personal waves of emotion, and to search for the most simple joys of life. 

Full of adventure, courage, and necessity to push myself to places I didn't know I could go. To put aside fear, doubt, and struggle. To find a new home for our family and to settle in the mainland.  I'm always so sad at how fast all our summer weekends fly by in the States, but at least I know how many amazing memories we will make along the way.   

Soon, after this hot summer begins to change into a cooler autumn,  for the first time in years,  my family and I will be snuggled by fires. Drinking lots of hot chocolate, and wearing long sleeves .  For me what seems like a three year long summer, will be ending in a few short months.

Big changes are coming friends, stay tuned.....


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